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Accutane and Yaz?

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Hi guys, so I've been on Accutane now for 40 days (60 mg a day) and about two and half weeks ago I switched my birth control to Yaz from taking Apri for two months. My skin has been breaking out like CRAZY and I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced the same? I know there is an initial breakout with both but I feel like I didn't really get one with Accutane, it's mainly the Yaz. Over the last two weeks I've gotten more cysts than I have in ages. Everyday new ones appear. They all come to a head pretty quickly but it's so embarrassing and is painful. I've read over and over again that after three months on Yaz, most women seem to see a huge change in their skin for the better. Has anyone else taken the two at the same time and have any advice or comments!? I'm going to stick it out but with the combination of the two, how long did these bad breakouts last? Thanks :)

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Hi!  I just noticed nobody has responded yet and although I am by no means a health care professional, I have done some research on acne and your liver (only on the internet, not scientific!!).  Accutane is really hard on your liver (hence, why you can't drink alcohol while you're on it), and birth control, although not as hard, is also a drug the body needs to break down via the liver. I'm mainly guessing that your body has been used to the birth control you were on but as soon you switched it had to deal with both breaking down the accutane and your new birth control.  I haven't experienced this myself but i'm guessing this is the cause!  It should clear up within a month or so but I would talk to your doctor about it! Hope that helps :) 

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