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Do you believe in scrubbing?

No I don't mean those harsh scrubs made of apricot husk or what not. I'm referring to those scrubs that contain micro beads and are touted to be gentle enough for daily use.

I'm beginning to think that just plain washing with a regular cleanser isn't enough to sweep away any stubborn remnants left on the skin, thereby clogging the pores. With a scrub, it can at least dislodge what the naked eye can't see, and go deeper for a more thorough cleansing.

However, the camp on the other side claims that scrubbing is too harsh and might even 'thin out' the skin, causing more problems.

What do you think? :think:

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well, personally for me, i use a really, really gentle daily scrub that isn't supposed to harm my skin, it does more cleaning but is not like an exfoliater. I began to exfoliate my face everyday, but it just made it irritated and red, I don't recommend it. Maybe your skin would feel more clean if you put a cleansing toner on your face after you wash? (btw only exfoliate 1-2 a week) Hope this helped!!! :)

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No, I think they cause breakouts because they are too harsh. Especially for daily use. That has been my experience. 

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