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Accutane Journey (June-December)

Hi I'm Aeryn :) I can't disclose my age, but I thought I'd share my journey with you all. Im  young and was super skeptical of going on accutane because of the side effects and I was really scared. Nothing was working for me and I had probably tried every antibiotic and cleansing regimen possible. I was super insecure of myself and I tried not to let it bother me for a long time but I just cracked one day and wanted to get it all over with. My friends were really supportive, and no one really said anything about my skin which was a good thing, but it was obviously something that could be used against me and its not like hurtful things haven't been said to me. i started off on 10 mg, then went on 30 for two months, then 50 and 60 for the last two. (going on 60 next month) Within the first two weeks of accutane I saw improvements and things just kept going up from there. The acne on my back and shoulders vanished within the first month, then my forehead and t-zone, then my cheeks; which was the most affected part. Honestly, there's not enough good things about accutane online and its mostly bad stuff, but really it changes people's lives; especially in an age where our social lives matter a lot. I went through accutane with a few headaches which went away, occasional dry/blurry eyes and I started getting dry lips around the 3rd month. I'm a competitive swimmer that faces rigorous training every day, so the chlorine didn't really help the lips and eyes, but I was able to clear up my eyes with eyedrops and my dermatologist prescribed hydrocortisone 2.5% and my lips improved a lot, because I had sort of a dry blister on the right corner of my mouth, and then it moved to the left. So, thank you accutane, and thank you to my dermatologist and parents :-) I've always kept a smile on my face, even through the hard times, but now it's even bigger and I have more things to be happy about. I've got one more month, so I hope to make the best of it :-)

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