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After years of suffering my doctor referred me to an endocrinologist, I was diagnosed with PCOS with hirsutism and was given Vaniqa cream to try for 5 months and started on Metformin. The cream made no difference, if anything it hurt more than it did good as I'd put it on after I'd washed and of course then everything is open and it just stung :(

Went back to see the endo last week and told her everything. I've lost weight but no change in my acne. She suggested Dianette but I'd heard bad things about it so was hesitant but this time I said I'd try it. I'd keep an eye on myself for side effects but I'll try anything at this point. But because I didn't want to come off my contraceptive injection she had to look into if I could have the Cyproterone on it's own.

I received a letter on Saturday saying that she didn't want me to take it as there were major side effects which is fine. But the letter also said she'd like me to start Spirononlactone 50mg. I couldn't believe it! When I first saw her over a year ago that was the first thing I suggested to her that I wanted to try!

I can appreciate that she probably needed to follow a certain order of investigations, and I'm not sure Spiro is licenced for acne here in the UK but I think it's licensed for hirsutism with PCOS so I'm hoping to kill 2 birds with one stone! After a really bad year, my fiancee left my, my dog passed away, I'm feeling really positive and hopeful for the future! You guys know what having skin like this can do to your confidence and I'll never find anyone new until I love myself and can move forward.

I've seen all you guys progress pictures, I've got my 'before' pictures ready! I know it'll be a good few months yet and that it can get worse before it gets better but I've suffered almost 15 years so a couple months is nothing!

I'm going to ring my endos secretary first thing in the morning to say "YES PLEASE! WRITE ME THAT PRESCRIPTION!" :D

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