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Acne Scarring. Please Help. Please diagnose if you can

Hello There!
Please help me to evaluate my condition , What do i have and how Bad they are. I have these for years but now i am realising my self steem is been hit by it just recently and I am getting really sensitive about these.I want a smooth skin. Can I get it after this?  What treatment should i get. Can I treat it at home if there is a possibility? or I have to do lasers? and othere treatment under a professional?




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Don't do any lasers til you try dermapen or a roller for a while.  Let lasers be your last resort.  They damaged my skin so bad that that's why I'm on these boards.   Left me with a ton of indented scars so try needling first.  Doctors are charging like 300 a session to do it there when you can do it at home.  Then after a while and I mean over a year or two you can get filler for any spots that need more.   Save yourself the pain and expense of a laser.    I'm looking into Infini  with Radio Frequency.  A friend is getting it done in Dec so I want to hear what she thinks before I check it out.  It's around 3000 for 3 treatments.  But til then i'll just needle.   

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Thanks for the reply. I am sorry that you have suffered from this. I am also skeptical about lasers and always believed normal remedies like roller should be tried first. I will look into it

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