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should i be worried about these symptoms?i

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i posted a topic about pseudotumor cerebri before, but really i think i was just nervous and exaggerating the symptoms.

the only things i'm actually feeling that worry me are headaches and an occasional pressure in my ear. there's no nausea and i'm not dizzy, and my vision seems to be fine. 

i my dermatologist yesterday, and she told me she'll lower my dosage and i should be fine. according to her, many of her other patients who also took accutane had similar symptoms and turned out fine. still, i keep worrying about these headaches and feel like they're something more. i really don't want to stop taking accutane because i'm starting to see changes and am halfway through the second month. do i stop worrying? 

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I wouldn't worry too much. Double vision really is the tell tale sign. If you get drug induced pseudotumor cerebri, you just stop taking it and it goes away. Make sure your drinking enough water. NSAIDs and acetaminophen can probably kill the pain. Excedrin migraine has worked wonders for me

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also i sometimes have ringing in my ears, but i've had that for years. it's kind of confusing me, really. i'm not sure if accutane is worsening it or not.

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