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hey guys Im posting here out of desperation. I am a 21 year old male, and I have been getting acne specifically on my left and right cheeks for a while now. The acne itself isnt the problem, but I am so STRESSED out about the gross red marks that acne leaves behind that NEVER seem to fade away the tiniest bit. Please PLEASE help me out :( Any suggestions or recommendations would greatly be appreciated.. What can I do/ use to get rid of these NASTY red post acne hyperpigmentation? I am literally crying right now and I am so tired of wearing concealer to cover my face..




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Try banana peels. Scrubs the babana peel's inside layer then apply to the marks (Use the rippen/yellow banana instead the green one). I have been using it and I see that my old / recent mark/scars fade away in just 4 days, and try use it daily. I am using it until my acne marks fade away, its been 1 week and I will always continue. Also try to eat more vegetable and fruits to fight acne from inside too. And dont be stressed over the marks, believe that it will fade away eventually. The new skin will replace the old skin, but try to keep healthy in and outside.

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Try and get Some cream with zinc oxide. search it up it most commonly found in diaper rash cream.  I am almost certain this will help ALOT. i was in the same place as you rn. Destin diaper rash cream is the best with 40% zinc oxide. Any general store and find the baby aisle.

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If you dont have sensitive or asian skin, try lemon. I tried lemon and it changed the color of the scars and got rid of it in about 2 weeks. The problem however, is i have asian skin thus the tone messed it up. You could try putting lemon all over your face to avoid that but its too harsh....

I've currently used aloe vera for the past 3 months and my scars have reduced by 60%. Its a slow process, but its the safest.

I've tried all the creams and retina's and shit. aloe vera is the only thing that causes no harm while helps.

Good luck!

Lemon could fade marks yes, but it isn't good for the skin.

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