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How much will procedures help me?

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Hi everyone, I'm am about to start my 5th month on Accutane. The inflammation from my initial breakout has finally gone down significantly. Now that that has happened I can now see the toll that it has taken on my skin in terms of scarring.... I have rolling scars almost all over my face and a lot of boxcar (I think??). It's really hard for me to just to look in the mirror :/ Sometimes i really feel hopeless.

I'm definitely planning on getting some scar removal after im done with accutane. For any of you that have like similar scarring to me I guess, how was your success with treatments? Also, how much was it in terms of cost? Also, some of my scarring has formed like a outside bump instead of just being sort of indented - its sorta like scar tissued that sticks out. Does this eventually go away because I've never really seen that on other people? If not, is it easily removable?

For the natural healing of scars, did any of you have significant improvement after accutane without having any treatments??







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Hey you mentioned your on your 5th month on actuate do you think your skin became to scar more easily after you started treatment? and for rolling scars subsicision can help I've seen some great success stories with that technique combined with others,  and theres always fillers that help so there is hope don't feel helpless your skin will look so much better once the redness starts to subside so keep your head up!

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Hey @Roman95 during my first few months of accutane I gained a LOT more scars... I was on a high dosage of 80 mg a day so my skin was very fragile. Another thing that added to the scarring was my initial breakout. When I say my initial breakout was bad, I mean it was BAD BAD lmao. I had it everywhere on my face. So yeah those two factors contributed to my scarring. I had like half the scarring before accutane :/ oh well. Were you planning on going on accutane? Yeah dude, my face is so red. I hoped that it would go away by this past month lol but i have 2 more months to go! But yeah the redness is super annoying, especially if im out in the sun even for a little bit it gets so much worse or even when i moisturize. Because of that I usually just moisturize at night instead of in the morning. 

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Focus on keeping acne under control for now and staying healthy. When the time is right improvements in scars can be made but it can be an emotional roller coaster! If you do your research some treatments can even be done at home. Subcision, microneedling/dermastamping, light-medium TCA peels, retinoids, resurfacing (dermabrasion or lasers), fillers if necessary at the end. Don't lose hope! It's so tough staying patient. Check out these improvements with a combination approach: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3996784/

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I know how you feel. It makes you doubt about whether or not you should have tried other options to get rid of the acne before taking accutane. 

When i was on accutane I did also get some weird kind of thickened scar tissue. Now i am four months out and most of it is gone. It is caused by excessive collagen formation after injury. But it is possible for your skin to correct itself. One obvious one near my chin wouldnt go away and i had it injected last week. Now it is almost gone. So concerning that part, there is hope. 


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