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Inner emotions - think they're a factor?

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Here's  a quick copy pasted article cut - "One contributing cause of acne is inner turmoil. When you are a mess on the inside this shows through in your skin, causing blotches, pimples, and even severe breakouts that are embarrassing and that destroy any confidence and self esteem that you have. There are a number of methods that can be used to help you achieve inner peace. Meditation, relaxation, thinking consciously, and many other spiritual and psychological techniques can be used to help relieve inner turmoil so that your skin is healthier and you suffer from fewer acne outbreaks. A calm mind means inner peace, and this will eventually show in your skin if you are committed to the techniques and methods that you choose. You will not see clear skin within a day or two, this is a process that takes time and starts on the deepest tissue levels, but if you are patient you will notice an improvement in your acne as time goes by"

Do you believe in that?  any methods or practices do you use on a regular basis in order to maintain inner peace and healthier skin? Does this method work for you/ Why or why not?

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I definately think thag stress is a big factor to my acne. I'm a very stressy person and aory about everything, and I notice the day after I usually have a new breakout, which leads to more stress, which leads to.. And so on.

i have yet to find a good way around it, other than pure distraction. Focusing on games always helped me 'forget' even if it was just temporarilly

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I would take it with a pinch of salt; just like how diets could play a part in improving skin conditions. Everything comes together to play a bigger, more decisive role. I've seen devout zen-like buddhists who seemingly have attained nirvana (many of them also sport cheerful, outgoing personalities)...but some of them have persistent acne.

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In my experience, stress is definitely a factor. I had acne for a long time (about 10 years) and it would get waaay worse when I stressed out...I wear a beard today to cover the scars :). I don't think that handlng stress alone can cure it, but it's one solid brick set in the foundation. my 2 cents.

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