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Hello all,

Just joined this sight because I wanted to get an idea of what the "general populace" of those who've dealt w/ similar issues thought. Let's see if I can sum up my experiences this past year (almost) without going into the emotional mess of it all, while also keeping it clear and concise. Here it goes:

I'm 18, almost 19. Period started when I was 16 and was irregular (talking 2-5 months without one) and always light and around 1-3 days. Never really had hormonal acne and only had the occasional pimple on my forehead/chin. 

October-December 2014: was eating healthy and balanced diet and exercising 5 or so times a week. Periods still inconsistent (may not have been consuming
enough calories) but no facial acne besides the occasional acne. Used coconut oil as my moisturizer (and have since I was maybe 13). Also, don't wear make-up besides mascara/eye shadow and maybe foundation/bronzer once a month TOPS. 

Late December I started eating/binging on unhealthier foods (holidays are my weak point) and didn't get back into my healthier eating habits until beginning/mid January 2015. Then, while getting my eating/exercising back together, I have an allergic reaction to neomyacin that's in neosporin. I had cut my chin and had a rash/hives all over my chin/forehead the next few days. I went to the doctor and he prescribed bacterban (spelling?) and told me to come back in two weeks if my face wasn't healed. Now mid/late January and my skin still wasn't healed. Rash hadn't fully dissipated acne had appeared.
Reevaluated w/ doctor and he gave me a cream for acne... did little to help. It was supposed to peel off the layer of dead/irritated skin, but only made more itchy/sensitive. Also during this time did some blood tests and everything was great. No deficiencies could be detected and I wasn't lacking any vital nutrients. 
February-late March: continued healthier lifestyle/eating habits, washing face w/ castille soap and moisturizing w/ coconut oil. No real improvement. Also, I should add... or confess: during all this time, PICKING MY ACNE has been going on. Typically I'd go for weeks (longest was about a month) w/out picking, then get frustrated and pick again. Endless cycle, even now. 

Anyway, early April: saw a dermatologist, thought it was just hormonal so had me follow a plan... was really rough on my skin and I'd been debating if I wanted to go the naturopath route or continue w/ a mix of all natural and prescribed medicine. After about 1 month of following that plan with more skin irritation than improvement, I stopped. 

Since April, been trying out random face washes that are natural and good for sensitive skin. Had times where acne looked like it was diminishing only to come back again. Been able to fend it off by applying salicylic acid based acne spot treatments, but it doesn't solve whatever the core problem is and doesn't permanently get rid of anything. Essential oils are good and I've used them in past years, but they are too strong (even diluted w/ other carrier oils) for my skin. I get crusty/weepy skin if I apply it. 

September-now: saw a naturopath. She had me do a food elimination test to see if allergies were the main contributing factor to my acne. Cut out dairy/gluten for 3 weeks, no facial improvement during that time. Then introduced each individually during the next few weeks. Again, no reactions.

I'm considering going without them again though, because I just can't imagine that hormonal acne would be this severe! Does it really take my body this long to readjust to the monthly periods?! It's been almost 11 months of face rashes, hives, acne, weepy skin! Yes, I guess it does make sense that it could be partially hormonal, but 100%?! Should I have gone without dairy/gluten for longer? Or maybe it's a different type of food allergy all together. I don't know! 

Anyway, thanks for listening to my rant... any and all advice/thoughts/feedback would be appreciated. 



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