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do acne scars go away eventually?

Hi I'm 15 and have horrible acne scars I never picked at them but the acne was just so severe it always left scars. I have huge red blotches all over my shoulder there's not a single spot of normal skin. I heard that acne scars never go away. But I was wondering if anyone really knew anything bout dis.

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It depends on your type of scars. If you only have reddish, brownish hyper-pigmentation(blemishes) then it should go away by itself in a couple of months. However, if you have ice-pick scars or indented ones, they may last quite a while because your skin can't restore its collagen. You may have to check with a dermatologist on that. If you only have slight blemishes, keep doing what you are doing now and use aloe vera on your scars to lighten them. This is all from my limited knowledge and may not be 100% correct. I hoped this helped! GOOD LUCK!!!!XD

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Are they indented or flat? Flat ones which are dark will go away but require time depending on severity. This is called hyperpigmentation and goes away with time. Indented ones however are a 50/50. Some fill themselves in over time, maybe 6months to a year. Shallow ones have a higher chance of going away. If they're really deep, you should see a derm. Best of luck!

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