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I know this is bad, but I couldn't resisted....
3 month ago I had a blackhead.... I got rid of it good.... That sucker came out, but it peeled my skin... Usually it takes me a couple of weeks to heal it, but it's been 3 month... It's healed, but there's a reddish scar now... 
I linked a picture... Please give me some advice ASAP please.....


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A lot of members will find your post frustrating because you're complaining about a little bit of redness that looks utterly normal in the picture. I find this frustrating too, especially since your title is so alarmist. Hyperpigmentation lasts longer than three months. It can last up to a year, sometimes more, usually less. I bet your redness will be gone before the year is over.

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I agree. We all have pretty bad scarring (or most) and that picture is nothing. I deal with redness from small bumps all the time, I have eczema and I usually don't consider it that big of a problem. I look like a chipmunk right now because I have just done some pretty intense scarring treatment, my face is so swollen and hurts everywhere. I have brushing and flaking and definitive redness - everywhere. If I can live through this then you can live through that red little bump. Have you tried some vaseline on it? Sleep with that at night. It won't break you out, but you can use it only on that area. Or some zinc cream. Or red light therapy. Although, personally I would not have bothered. 

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This is straight up STUPID.  People like you have utterly destroyed the purpose of this forum that is meant to help people with real serious skin issues. I've had ENOUGH of this.  Enough with these TROLL posts.  

And if you had even a tiny bit of motivation to RESEARCH, you'd realize that the solution to red marks is and will always be VBEAM.  It's 2015 and this question needs to stop being asked.  Christ.

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