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im so sad ..im done

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im so sad , this shit called acne destroyed my face and my mental health...nobody understand me , not even my parents they think my acne is not that bad , my acne is from genetics my natural father have some scars from his moderate-severe acne but my mother is so beautiful with a 20yo woman skin btw i live with my mother and my stepfather.. , im just 16 almost 17 and i have a lot of scars and im sure i will have them for the rest of my life , i hate life i hate everything i can't enjoy anything , im just thinking at my acne...i don't know what to do anymore ..i change 3 dermatologist i take zynerit, skinoren,acneaid,tetracycline metronidasol , doxycicline now i use isotrexin and i have a little bit improvement ohhh but i want roaccutane why they don't put me on accutane , i already have scars i don't want anymore!!!WHY THEY DON'T PUT ME ON ACCUTANE AT 15 AND LET ME SCARRING IM SO MAD AND ANGRY:(( i can't learn,study,make homeworks , how my future look?....idk and im in the 10th grade . i want to upload pics but i can't the new update destroyed site and i have bugs everywhere

sry for my bad english
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Did you tell the doctor all these feelings? I feel like if you expressed you emotional state that they would have almost no choice but to put you on it - basically demand it 

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I'm so sorry you're going through this, but I agree with the above post. If your acne is severe enough and/or scarring they should prescribe accutane by principal. I say arrange another meeting with your derm and demand it if it's that important to you.

I hate to see people so young suffer so bad.. I suffered when I was 15 but didn't really care, it only started to become a major issue when I was 24. I wish I started accutane when I was that young. 

Stay strong! Chances are at your age that you will grow out of it, but do really push for the accutane if it is that severe and you've tried everything else!

(also, yes... I hate the new site update :/ if it's not broke, don't fix it haha!)

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Finally, something I relate to! You are definitely not alone on the whole acne is horrible and destroyed my life thing! I completely understand. I go through tons of problems cause of my acne. If people judge you on the way you look, then they are not your real friends. I have acne too! I think about it constantly and always ask my sister, hey, does my acne look bad. She will usually say she doesn't care! Don't worry too much!! Everything works out in the end! Think positive thoughts and your whole outllook on acne will change. I bet even with the acne you have amazing hair, beautiful eyes and just a smile that makes everyone happy! Hope you feel better soon! :)  

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Omg please don't become me. I've had the same feelings about school, doing homework etc. I couldn't do any of them because I am/was so distracted by my acne. I'm almost 20 now I still have acne and I'm still in highschool. I failed my exams 3 times. I hope you'll change your mind soon about your acne. I did it a little too late :( good luck <3 

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