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Will very shallow small acne scars fade?!

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Hello everyone. Does anyone know or has anyone experienced acne scars fading?? I know this is asked a lot but mine are very small and shallow. They are not noticeable unless under harsh or bright lighting specifically when I've got makeup on... I can't feel any dents either when i touch them. I've had hyper pigmentation for years which sucks in itself but now that I've noticed these scars I am very upset .... Do you think they will go away on their own because they are shallow? I'm not gonna do lazor treatments and all that... I've actually done a lot such as microdermabrasion, retinol and a lot of other topical treatments.... I find nothing really even helps except letting it heal itself as best it can.. Anyway, any help? Thanks everyone. 

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Here are some pics of my skin up close and in different lightings.... This is why I'm asking if these will go away on their own because in some lighting they don't even look like scars they just look like hyper pigmentation but in bright harsh lighting I can see little holes :/ 

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I have the same issue sometimes. It can be hard to tell whether something is a real scar or just PIH, but you figure if it's hard to tell and it actually does end up being a scar, it won't be too noticeable eh? But yeah, depending on how old those are, they may fill in with time or will at least improve. Redness/pinkness is usually what makes them seem worse than they really are.

Your age also sort of plays a role in this too, though. I'm 17 and I've had some pitted scars eventually become level (I know this because a few actually ressurfaced. Thanks Atralin :|). It's all about the collagen, man.

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Topaz, I can pretty much guarentee you those will fade with time, especially if you exfoliate regularly. Your scars are very, very minor. I've had scars deeper than yours fill in within a year. Don't worry about those scars! Nobody would even notice those as is.

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