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On antibiotics for a week, what can replace this?

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Im on antibiotics for a week because I got my wisdom teeth pulled and of course, my skin is wonderful (amoxicillin). Since this works, does that mean that I need something similar to fix my acne? Any suggestions? Obviously cant do antibiotics, but I mean topically or naturally. Bp destroys my skin. Topical antibiotics didnt work and i already tried a lower dose antibiotic for 3 months but of course it came back. Or is this just common with hardcore antibiotics and i should just enjoy my week? Haha. Thanks guys! I know its sort of a noob question. 

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Have you tried azelaic acid? I'm using it on my face (and sometimes on my chest and my back too) and it's improving my skin a lot. Azelaic acid has antibiotic properties and it gets rid of the pimples much faster -- also, your skin doesn't get worse before it gets better, like when you use Retin-A or similars.

Also, it might be good if you discover what is the cause of your breakouts on first place. Acne is usually a sign that something is not going right in your body. Mine, for example, is due to hormone imbalance (I have PCOS), so I'm trying to fix this area while applying topicals on my skin. 
How is your hormone levels? Maybe your acne is hormonal or a response to food allergies.

Good luck! :)

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I started birth control because I did get my hormones checked and my testosterone was high, but its been 3 months and now I just get all my acne on my chin. Im also taking 75 mg of spiro as im very oily. I am allergic to over 50 things but thats been my whole life and Ive got that very under control. Its been a 3-4 year battle of checking out all my internal problems. But yeah, just wanted to ask about the antibiotics and its properties. Since they work well for me but I cant and wont take these long term

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So now that the swelling has gone down and Im able to wash my face, the acne is starting to reappear on my chin. Im still on antibiotics however. This is a never ending cycle of confusion

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