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Out of hope! Does accutane really destroy lives?

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Hi I'm 15 male and have had acne sense I was 12 it was never really bad until 2 months ago when it started getting horrible and  by horrible I mean HORRIBLE! Before my acne was on my chest shoulders neck and face but it was never really "bad" I could still hangout with friends and go 2 da beech without feeling like a monster or some wierd alien. But about 2 Months ago it started spreading and spreading fast it spread from only 2 little cysts on my chest to countless cysts(all of my pimples are cystic) and it spread all over my chest and started spreading up to my shoulders from my chest. The acne on my neck stsrted spreading all around my neck (from like 2 little cysts on the very back of my neck to countless cysts spread all over my neck not just the back it's all over the sided of my neck and front under my jaw area. The acne on my shoulders went from like 5 all in a very small localized area on each shoulder to again countless cysts all over my shoulders and they are spreading down the upper part of my arm and down all the way down my back. And for my face my face was pretty much clear before it started getting horrible but now I have cysts all over my face. I've already excepted thst I'm always going 2 be pretty much "UGLY" all my life(thanks to the scars because I have tons! From just 2 months of bad acne) but I don't care about whst I look like anymore I just want the (physical) pain 2 stop it hurts so bad and I'm done I can't do this anymore I've only had acne for a few years but I can't go on like this anymore it's so truly horrible. And the worst part is that the cysts break open on there own leaving huge literal HOLES! In my skin thst don't heal all the way and every night I go 2 bed with clean sheets and pillows and wake up in the morning with a blood soaked bed! I'm done I need 2 know what I can about accutane so if there's anyone who would like 2 tell me about it or their expirence with it I would appreciate it alot! Thanks sooo much.

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if you havent taken Accutane i really consider you should do it , it,s a life changer , it,s high cost its only disadvantage
you just have to take care if your food , eat healthy so you can complete your course
I had acne since 16 now I am 24 , and regret every moment haven't used it since day 1
my personality changed 100% to better
go for it body:surprised:

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I took Roaccutane when I was 29yrs old after battling it on and off for 11yrs. It was the best decision I ever made. I'm 31yrs old now and I've  been leading such a full and happier life since taking roaccutane. I used to be on these boards constantly as I was so depressed and anxious all the time.  I'm hardly on here these days except to drop by every now and then, keep meaning to update my story!  I would definitely take it again if I needed to. The side effects are not as bad as people make them out to be, you will find that roaccutane has a great smoothing effect on your skin even after you finish it. Drink plenty of water and don't drink any alcohol.  Stay out of the sun. Take proactive steps to deal with your skin, talk to your doctor and follow his advice on taking the drug. Best of luck.  x

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Thanks so much! My dermatologist said thst the side effects weren't really thst bad but I'm a worry wort( it runs in the family I guess) and so I've been super stressed out about it. But my skin is so painful and disgusting thst I simply don't care what happens to me. Thanks for your posts and happy to here that it worked for u!

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