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Always checking up on this forum as I've been suffering with acne/blemishes on and off since I was around 15 (am now 23!), but this is my first post..

Just interested to know what experiences you guys have had with certain oils?

For instance, I'm pretty sure it was from this website that I first started looking at using oils as a cleanser/moisturiser a few years ago, and I started off using Jojoba after the glowing reviews it had. For the first few days my skin and hair felt absolutely unbelievable.... smooth, old blemishes fading and no new spots; I thought I'd found a miracle! But after a week or so I was suddenly breaking out un-controllably and eventually after about a month I just had to stop, my skin was just so clogged. I decided after a few months to give it another shot but the same outcome -even more/worse breakouts!

It was a few months later that I heard about Tamanu oil, and as I was still interested in using natural oils, I decided to give it a go.. and wow! Although it may have an awful curry/nutty smell, it instantly felt nice on my skin, and has made a huge difference to my breakouts. They're extremely rare now, and when I do get a spot, the Tamanu oil seems to stop it's longevity as well as how red/horrible it looks. I've been using it for about a year leaving it on as a night-time moisturiser and it still hasn't clogged my pores/caused breakouts. I'd be absolutely lost without it, and am now using a Tamanu Oil/Aloe Vera cleansing bar as well which is proved to be another incredible find.

I've also experimented with Castor/ Coconut oil recently (for my hair as well), but again after 2-3 days my skin just breaks out extremely badly from both, and when I stop and go back to Tamanu my skin calms down again.

My question is, does anyone actually know how some oils can affect your skin so badly but others seem to do miracles? I've read so many posts about people who love Jojoba and what it does for their skin, and I've read posts about people that find Tamanu oil causes them to breakout really badly, yet I've had completely different results from both! Literally every other oil I've used has clogged my pores... Olive Oil, Jojoba, Castor, Coconut, Green Tea oil. So what's so different about Tamanu oil? Surely they all possess the same sort of properties?!

Jojoba definitely made my skin *look* the nicest (after a few uses) so I wish it didn't eventually cause breakouts, but it does for me.

Interested to hear your guys verdict on other oils!



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Tamanu oil has natural antibiotic and anti bacterial action due to naturally occurring compounds in it. It has proven usage in treating stubborn skin infections and wounds. I used a tamanu oil from a small canadian company and it was the best investment i ever made. It even lightened a 10 year old scar for me . A couple of drops was what it took daily. 



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Im going to look into this oil. I am seeing a dermatologist for the first time on monday so ill mention how id prefer to use oils/natural products and see what she says. Thanks for this post. 

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