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Getting Rid Of Shallow Pitted Scarring?

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I need to know how to get rid of or at least reduce the appearance of pitted acne scarring. My scars are shallow and I've done microdermabrasion in the past, but I see minimal results. I had considered doing Skin Needling and was all set up to do it, when I found out that people prone to keloids should not do it. My family has a history of keloids and I have one on my leg from when I had chicken pox when I was younger. So now that skin needling isn't an option, I need to find some type of treatment (preferably non invasive but will consider if that's all I can do) to help reduce these scars.

If anyone has personally been able to treat theirs or if you guys can suggest any treatments and things that I can do, that'd be really great and helpful.

Thank You

P.s. On one of my other forums (Should I do Skin Needling (Dermapen)) I have a photo of my acne scars so you guys can get an idea of how bad it is.

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I'd needle just that area and perform biweekly light chemicals peels for a year. The jawline is significantly more prone to keloids whereas your cheeks not so much. Not at all. You could also consider getting Vbeam perfecta performed on your cheek that will significantly improve your red scars and stimulate a bit of collagen.

So go for needling, but do it at home preferably with a stamp and opt for light biweekly chemical peels. If your red scars bother you, opt for 2-3 sessions of vbeam perfecta, that ought to improve your complexion by a ton.

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Hi, if you want to get rid of pitted scars, use MSM Cream from Walmart. It only cost about $10-12 and actually works kind of quickly. It helps hyper pigmentation a little too. After about a week of using it, you will notice some results. I've used it for several months and my pitted scars are almost completely gone, [i'm not joking.].
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