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Green Smoothie Challenge

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My story

Ive had acne for around 3 years I'd say. Im 24 and have never really experienced acne as a teen at all. Problem areas from day one has been cystic forehead acne, specifically above eyebrow area. I have tried countless skin care products and spent a decent amount doing so, including a topical antibiotic from the doctor.

After research I realised that my problem was my digestion and it definitely made sense. The problem was always internal. I had tried cod liver oil and herbal remedies but nothing worked. I decided to move onto probiotics pills. I would take them twice a day after meals as well as a fibre drink. This was actually working but after 2 weeks I was breaking out again, on my forehead.I was avoiding dairy products at this stage as well and trying to get eat fairly healthy in terms of fruit and veg.


I can't remember how I stumbled upon green smoothies but I think it was something that was always coming in my research but I would always brush past it. After reading about the results I'm determined to see it through. I realise that this will be a long process and can take weeks/months before results can be seen.

So far...

Its been 10 days and I have missed one day. Green smoothie of choice has been 1/2 apple, 1 banana, chunk of cucumber and handful of spinach. Can't really judge in such a short time but I have only really had one new lesion so far. I think the amount I've been having is too low (smoothie is less than 500ml/day) I will try and increase amount of greens im having now to make the smoothie up to 1 litre. My spinach handful is pretty small i read somewhere it should be 2 large handfuls. Will continue with this for at least 1 month and am Im still taking probiotics.

Im hoping after the month I will also see a difference in my PIH. In some lighting this looks really bad but I know since green smoothies have an overall effect on skin it should help with this too.

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