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Please Help Me To Chose Zinc!

Hello guys, how are you?

First of all i have to ask sorry for my english, i'm not american but i will try the best i can.

I am tryng to chose the best zinc for my acne, and i'm looking for one with 50 mg and a lot of tablets (I Live on Brazil and take a lot of time to the zinc get here).

But i can say if its it says "as Gluconate, Citatre and picolinate" , and i didn't understend that, a friend of my says that the best it's is gluconate, but this zinc say that he have all the three!

Could someone help me?


Obs: I see to that it's necessary take copper with the zinc, so i looked for one with cooper like that on the link. But i was looking on the forum and i see some people sayng that take the zinc with copper is the same thing that do not take it, like my body will not absorb. Is that true?

Here's what i ready:

2. The zinc supplements you purchase MUST NOT contain Iron, Calcium or Copper.

It is a scientific fact that these three minerals Iron, Calcium or Copper are completing minerals for zinc. If you take zinc supplements together with them (if the zinc capsules you buy got contain any one of the above minerals), you will be as good as not taking and absorbing the zinc into your body.

You may have read on some online forums that to prevent overdose on zinc, it is recommended that the zinc capsules got contain a small amount of copper.

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There are many different types you can find that may work best for you but I think the best thing would be to try them out as what works for some may not work for you. I used a simple brand from wholefoods without copper and it was okay at first but then I noticed it caused me nausea. eeek! So instead of taking Zinc, my holistic acne clinic recommended I switched to Zyflammend. It is not zinc. But it is a more natural supplement that just like Zinc, can help reduce inflammation and it does not give me nausea :) Hope you find that works for your or you may wanna check this other supplement out. Good Luck!

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Mineral supplementation as a whole should be done with the conscientious acknowledgement of synergistic functionality when all complimentary compounds are biologically present and have an appropriate concentration ratio removing the potential for one sided metabolic actions that may cause a mineral deficiency that was mediated by its co-dependant metabolic partner.

Now there is notable contradictive interactions with proper absorption for minerals themselves as well as interactions with some vitamins, too. Zinc and copper arguably have little inhibitory effects on their associated metabolism, but it is theorized of a possible implication when you consider they share the same region for target enzymes. (Muscosal regions of our G.I tract)

Here is a simple compilation of scientific trials either establishing or disproving majority of hooblah-statements that are spewed across the internet.

To clarify the significance when you mentioned gluconate, picolinate, citrate etc...etc.. those are organic/inorganic molecules or groups that have been attached to the vitamin's ligand. This is called chelation, and the ideology behind this is that coupling certain vitamins or minerals that are naturally unstable in nature can hopefully reduce the chances of dissasociation and subsequent degredation to its biological availability.

can help reduce inflammation and it does not give me nausea

The nausea from zinc is due to taking it on an empty stomach. Majority of minerals/metals taken for nutritional use will cause very pronounced stomach irritations, but they go away eventually.

Explanation via metabolic biochemical understanding: Mineral and Metal Absorption

Dietary Zinc reduces Copper absorption intestinally

Calcium absorption inhibited by zinc in low calcium dose, but negligible in common dosaging

Iron supplementation inhibits zinc absorption, but doesn't affect copper

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That combo is okay. Just don't bother with Zinc Oxide. And 50mg is really too much for most people to take long term. And the higher the dosage, the more likely it will cause problems such as the competing with other nutrients. Try to find something more like 30mg.

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