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Dermarolling Isn't For Everyone

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I dermarolled for one year, once a month, 2.0 length till I was bloody, using copper peptides, and saw no improvement on boxcar and rolling scars. I just want people to be realistic that it might not work for them, since everyone seems to be advising this course of action. Good luck

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Personally, I think derma rollers carry more risk than benefits due to the way they penetrate the skin and create micro trenches. Derma stamping is safer and more effective in the long run, but micro needling in general is meant for very superficial scarring.

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Why are people still using copper peptides? There's scarcely any clinical evidence of note for the first generation, the less said about the second gen the better.

Also, properly administered skin needling with the right pre and aftercare WORKS, this isn't a matter of opinion but a confirmed scientific fact, there has not been a single clinical study where the average results were poor, it WILL work for most people, especially with multiple treatments. Combine with other modalities and then you're really going to get some impressive gains.

I'm going to try doing TCA peels from MUAC and hope for the best.

Don't expect anything more than textural improvements from mild chemical peels.

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Are your scars deep and tethered down or are they shallow? If they deep you should probably do subcision first and raise them up a bit then needling might help. I heard microneedling only works for scars that are not tethered down.

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Factoid, there have been several people who come on here without any significant scarring improvement after doing many needling treatments. I am one of those people. In fact, I have seen much more people on here saying they get minimal improvement than great results from needling. It might help superficial scarring, but it's a sham for anything more severe.

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Factoid is right about TCA peels. They won't do much except help with overall texture and anti-aging. Assuming your scarring is more than superficial, your best bet is probably subcision and suctioning, then perhaps micro needling again just to help even out the texture. Also, you should be taking a lot of pictures of your skin to track progression, otherwise you may not be noticing improvement.

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