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Some Please Help! Pustular Weird Things?

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Does this look like staph to you or gram negitive? This has been happening since getting of Bactrim for a month. I was being treated for a staph infection but it was never nearly this bad. Im starting accutane in a month but im worried it may not fix this. I got a culture done when it wasnt nearly this bad and things came back fine. Ive been in and out of the derms office so I feel like they might brush it off if i go back so soon. Please someone help...pictures included




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I've actually tried this and got two pustulers near my nose from it (I believe) /: I'm almost certain that staph is whats causing my breakouts and went on Bactrim for a month. I was clear the entire time, maybe one or two "normal" pimples. When I got off maybe three weeks later white heads had started and its honestly just gotten worse and worse since. Im enrolled to start accutane in a month because I am so fed up. Do you think it would work? I've suffered with acne since highschool but never these types of pimples so this has been a long run for me and hopefully im not just jumping the gun into accutane. However, the derm seems to believe that accutane would try out the staph that is causing the problem.

OH! And I did use to get nose sores but bactrim took care of that.

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