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Okay so I might sound like a douche with this, but bear with me because I know there have to be others like this. So naturally I'm very good looking (again not trying to be a tool) but i've suffered with acne and it almost makes it worse because when I look in the mirror and know that I could be good looking again if I could just clear up the acne (btw I'm an 18 yr old male freshman in college). I feel unlucky because I walk around college and think, "Great, no one in college has acne, it's a high school thing, why do I still?" The weirdest thing is it varies in severity but I think I've realized a few things that are gonna help. First I'll quickly explain my story. Until 2/3 of the way through my Sophomore year of high school, I never had acne. (like maybe a zit every now and then like everyone.) Then all of a sudden over a matter of a couple of weeks, I suddenly had moderate to severe acne (Lots of pimples a few cists and it looked realllllyyyyyy bad) After a couple weeks of this being terrible I went to see the dermatologist (embarrassed to talk about it even to her though, and to top it off my dad came to my appointment with me) She put me on Minocycline oral pills twice a day and gave me a Retin-A type topical treatment. Belive it or not, 2 months later my face was 90% clear and a month after that my skin was back to perfect. It stayed this way for over a year, I had zero acne as a junior. Near the end of the summer between my junior and senior year, I went to Washington DC on a School trip and while I was there I got a big zit on my forehead. From that point on I would get a couple zits throughout my senior year. Nothing that bad though and there were frequent periods where I would have zero acne again, but it would always come back. (thankfully I didn't have any during Homecoming and Prom). Then right after graduation it started to get a little worse, a few zits at a time maybe like a handful to ten. I went back to the derm in June and she said my body was probably getting used to the Minocycline. So she put me on Clyndamicin and for the next few weeks there was really no change, still just mild acne. Then I rode Ragbrai, a statewide bike ride in my state of Iowa, and of course I got terribly sunburned (it's like 70 miles a day for 7 days in July) but surprisingly my acne went like completely away. However, about a week later after it ended I got these two zits (pretty good sized and deep under the skin) one on each cheekbone plus a handful of other zits (worse than i'd been in a long time. It took a little while but after a couple weeks it was almost gone. Then one night I put vaseline on my face (something that used to work well) but I think my face was still dirty (thus trapping in dirt) and it was an off brand so idk if that effected it. But the next morning I woke up very broken out all near my mouth and on my jawline and cheeks and also a couple zits on my forehead. After this staying like this for about 2 weeks, I decided to try something different and go "natural" I read up and started using Tea Tree oil and drinking green tea and using aloe vera. (I kept using my pills and oxy face wash plus Stridex every now and then) and my face cleared up within ten days. Then, just as I was on the cusp of zero acne again, I went to a football game and got sunburned again. Again it cleared up my acne completely but after a couple of days it started to come back with more force until this weekend it got really bad again. I dont have in on my chin/jawline now and only a couple on my forehead but my cheeks are covered. The weird part is, theyre hardly pimples. They're not raised at all (my skin feels almost completely smooth) they dont hurt at all, but theyre red circles on the skin that like won't go away. For the past couple of days I've been washing with salt water and watering down my Tea Tree Oil (I think i hurt my skin using it non-diluted) Hopefully it will get better like it usually does, but it's so discouraging because it always seems to come back. I just want it to be gone forever, i'm in college and it just sucks. I act like I'm still all confident with girls but I hope they arent just staring at my acne. I think the sunburn has a lot to do with it, and that this weird kind of acne could be from irritated skin so i've been hydrating it and holding off on chemical washes and hopefully this works (fingers crossed). I know this post was all over the place but if anyone has gone through/is going through a lot of the same things I'd appreciate any feedback. Also if anyone knows about this weird doent feel like acne but sure looks like it stuff I'd also appreciate that. I have another appointment with my derm in two weeks and part of me wants to try accutane to rid myself once and for all, but I don't think my acne is bad enough (even though it looks like my entire cheeks are covered) We'll see what happens, I know it'll go away eventually but right now I kinda want to get to that point. Good luck to all of you and please any feedback is appreciated.

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" I act like I'm still all confident with girls but I hope they arent just staring at my acne." I understand how you feel. You should post a photo so other more knowledgeable members on here can give you advice. You might also want to get a second opinion from a new dermatologist if the regimen your current doctor put you on is making things worse. Best of luck.

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