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7 Weeks In And Struggling

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so I've been doing the regime for 7 weeks now, morning and night, with the addition of aha at about the end of week 4.

I do the regime as per the guide, and feel like I'm doing a good job at following it

I've had limited results so far, sometimes I feel as though my skin is getting better, and then wham bam, why thank you ma'am, I'll get a nasty breakout.

As part of the regime, I feel as though there are a lot of red marks/pih present than beforehand, however I do believe that the regime has improved my moderately severe acne, because my problem area of my chin/jawline is almost acne free, instead replaced by this unsightly mess. However its been compensated by my cheeks which seem to take the load instead.

My concerns are that my face seems to accumulate a lot of dead skin, that doesn't wash off, and will always be there when I wake up in the morning as well as after I shower and wash my face. I'd also like to add that my complexion is the pits, where my skin is somewhat rough, and really discoloured, and as I'm a guy I don't feel that there is anything I can do to cover it up or make it better.

I'm hoping that my acne and complexion will improve within the next few weeks, it's almost been two months since I began this regime

any advice about exfoliation methods for this dead skin and general advice for me to push on would be appreciated, I'm starting to lose a bit of hope here, but will journey onwards!

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Heya, sounds like I had the same problem as you recently, could it possible be eczema caused by the products? I used E45 Itch relief cream and it work really effectively, although I don't know how you would want to incorporate this into your regimen.

Apparently if you stick to the regimen, it will usually work. I stuck to it religiously for 6 months, however I was no better, the regimen isn't for absolutely everyone. I do wish you the best of luck!

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7 weeks into The Regimen is still pretty early. I would advise that you give it more time because with the routine acne comes and goes when your skin is still getting used to the BP.

With your skin feeling all dry and flaky, you could always reapply moisturizer throughout the day if your skin feels a bit off. I do not recommend any physical exfoliating since you are still breaking out, but once you get clear, you can definitely try to incorporate that in to really get rid of the dead skin.

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