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Recently I bought paulas choice BHA 2% liquid and AHA 8% gel to try and clear my closed comedones(white heads).

To start using them should I begin using them together or bring one into my routine, then the other?

How often should i use them at first?

Should i use one in the morning and one at night or together?

...and if together how far apart from each other, which first etc..

Also although they say to leave on should i build up to leaving on and for the first couple of weeks wash off after 20 mins or so?

And lastly does anyone know if the cancer council SPF 30 oiil free sunscreen is any good.


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You can use AHA and BHA together, but its not necessary. Try using AHA in the morning and BHA at night. Remember AHA exfoliates the top of the skin whereas BHA's get deep inside to work inside the pores to combat oily skin, blackheads and helps unclog pores.

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I personally use AHA and BHA together. I absolutely have to. It's the only combination that works for my large pores and blackheads in my t-zone. I use Dan's 10% AHA at night, and Ninja Skincare's Salicylic (BHA) in the morning. It serves as an excellent primer for my Everyday Minerals powder foundation. It is the only foundation that doesn't break me out. It only has 3 ingredients. Completely hypoallergenic, non-comodogenic, fragrance free & never tested on animals.
Also, I exfoliate at least 3 days a week! If I don't do this very important step, all the flaking skin blocks my pores & I get more blackheads. I use my Clarisonic, or a gentle buf puff for the face.

Good luck!

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