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Struggling To Understand My Acne?

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I have had acne for quite a while so long that I have seemed to forget the time period, I am now 19 going on to be 20, and would even consider myself a expert in the area!. My acne comes and goes with sometimes my skin being good to going back to bad this is because of a result of products which I have used which seem to work for a short period of time only for my acne to flares back up. These products include prescribed benzoyl peroxide and over the counter products like bulldog freederm and one other product as well.

My acne is now on my forehead temples and interchanges between the front of the cheeks and then very close to the jawline this has lead me to believe that it may be my facial hairs growing through as I do not have a lot of facial hair and have recently just started to shave properly. Although I do have pimples the acne sees to be scars leaving my face looking like I have red patches, and looking close you can see that the pores are red, however I cannot understand how some of the red patches are their because I have never had acne in the areas and they never form in to spots. Which starts to become very frustrating as I would like although it may not be possible to have a completely clear skin or even just relatively nice skin. As well as trying face products I have tried many things as well like using a home-made face mask from honey and green tea and also drinking lots of water and green tea and even cutting my sugar down vastly however it just seems like the acne comes and goes and I cannot control it, this has left me with only washing my face with only water as another factor which I have took into consideration is that maybe all the products over the years may be catching up with my skin and all that I need to do is just use water and not irritate my face. (Oh and I never pick my acne and I have never slept on the sides of my face for about 5 years always choosing to sleep on my back)

I know this may seem like the run of the mill post which users of this website probably see daily, but any ideas and theory's or even tips are greatly appreciated.

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Hi. All I can say there's one way to stop acne. Cut out the sugar, junk food and drink loads of water. I promise you that once you stick to this you will notice a difference in 2 weeks. I know changing your diet is hard I've suffered acne for 15 years and have tried everything and i'm now 30 and realised simple diet changes and water and made it dissapear. Don't get me wrong if I have a chocolate bar or dont stick to the water my acne returns. We as acne sufferers have sensitive skin. When we ear junk food our body inside heats up and only way to release the bad is by your skin. Don't under estimate water and changing your diet.

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