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Man Big Acne 27 Years

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Hello all (sorry for my english, im french)

I'm a man of 27 years, I have acne since the age of 14 years (everywhere: face, back, neck, etc...)


old photos:








I used treatments:

- Curacné (french isotretinoin, 6 months, but stopped treatment at 6 months because many secondary effect, and 0 effects on my acne )

- Zacnan (french antibiotic 2 years, 0 effect on my acne)

- Dalacine & Rifadine (anti tuberculous treatments, it work nice, in 2 weeks = 0 acne, BUT are very dangerous treatment, when i stopped this treatment, all acne are back........ and this treatment does not work now on me...)

- Zinc (0 effects on my acne....)

Now, ive 27 years, and now i've always much acne everywhere... 27 YEARS !!! WTF ??

I did a lot of medical examination, and im very good, but only one problem, i have hypothyroidism (TSH at 6). I took treatment for thyroid while 2 years and 0 effect on my acne and my body not support this treatment (dizziness, perspiration abudant, etc..)

My question is: hypothyroidism cause acne ?

Thank you, and very sorry for my bad english :/

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Hello df1987.

Dont worry about your english. I also speak French so I make alot of mistakes too.

I think that yes hypothyroidism can cause acne. It can mess up with your hormones. Have you tried to check them out?

I know how it sucks to have acne even after tons of treatments. Plus its even more hard when youre an adult bcz you literally dont know when it will stop.

Btw Im kinda curious of how the medication for tuberculous "cured" your acne? Thats the fist time that I read/heard something like that.

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Hello and thanks for the reply,

Leelowe1 => I've tested only testosterone, DHEA, Cortisol, TSH and my diet are very nice (no gluten and no lactose, only water, many fruits and vegetables, sport, no smoke, no drugs, no alcool, and my parents, my sister and my brother = 0 acnes lol ....)

Porswis => Oui, le traitement contre la tuberculose m'as été donné par un dermatologue, il m'avais dit que c'était un test et en 2 semaines plus aucun boutons, mais une fois que j'ai stoppé le traitement tout est revenu... et maintenant il ne fonctionne plus sur moi, mon acné à du creer une résistance contre ce médicament.

Edited by df1987

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Full hormonal panel...not sure I've ever thought of that because I'm going through a similar situation with bacne. It sucks. I know man. Hitting 30 soon so it sucks even more cause you are not sure if it will ever end.

Would I just go into my primary doctor and request a full hormonal panel? What exactly does that show in relation to acne..?

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