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Dermarolling Only On Scarred Areas?

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Would this be ok to do? When I did it all over my face some areas went reeeeally red for a month or so, whereas the areas where my slight scarring was wasn't too bad.

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Yes it's ok what size roller are you using?

I did 3 0.5mm rolls over 3 weeks, which was OK, I only was a little red for a few days. I then tried a 1.0mm where for the first 3 weeks my skin was peeling like crazy and was very red for a month, and over 3 months I'm still slightly red but it is fading.

I think I might stick with 0.5mm.

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I don't see a problem with that. It's just like dermastamping except the needles are on a roller. .5mm won't help with scarring, only product penetration. You have to roll with at least a 1.5mm to help with scars. Inbetween 1.5mm sessions, use your .5mm to help with product penetration. That's what Dr. Fernandez does with his patients.

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Oh I might take a look into derma stamping then, that much derma rolling though would make me extremely red, even after the 0.5mm I was red for a while.

Also my scars are shallow but red.​

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Why don't you do some glycolic acid peels? It'll get rid of red marks, freckles, brown spots,etc. I've had professional peels done before at a high % so I was able to start with 30% gylcolic acid with no problems. I didn't peel at all and read that most people don't peel from this type of peel. There's no downtime. My skin was red for a day...your skin may react differently though. It takes about 5 peels to get rid of red marks...I only did 2 peels but I've been getting other types of peels for awhile so that's probably why it worked so fast on my skin.

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The only think I'm worried about is that a chemical peel will make me breakout. I'm currently only using water and sunscreen ever 2 days and I barely breakout, but when I was using BP and lactic acid I use to breakout a lot.

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