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Which Acne Scars + Treatment?

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Hi there,

I don't have any active acne anymore, but definitely some kind of scarring, especially at the right side from my mouth.

On the right cheek I think I got a boxcar scar and three small ice picks.

I haven't done so many pictures yet (and if I did I deleted them soon afterwards because they would make me depressed).

But on these two (the light is very harsh, although the camera is even supposed to make it look better which really sucks) the scarring is very obvious to me. What kind of scars are they though? Mostly rolling scars?

And which treatment would be the best?

I am quite depressed of this scarring, it might not be noticeable in every light, but in certain lights I just feel that my face looks fucked up. My parents act as if I'm crazy for being depressed (only my mother has seen these pictures though, but she said that it's nothing to make a big deal about), and not only them. I was at a skin doctor and he said that I indeed had some scarring, but that before and after pictures of scar treatments usually are a lie - Well that wasn't really any great news...

But I can't believe that there can't be any kind of treatment for my scars, when people with worse scarring see improvements at different methods... I feel so left alone with this topic, nobody really has given me a good advice so far, that's why I am writing here to you.

I would be very grateful for any answer! :)



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A non ablative laser could work to stimulate collagen in the area with scars,less downtime and not as aggressive as a ablative laser do this a couple of times and you should see a huge improvement.

Also dermarolling would help but may cause breakouts so be careful

And fillers would help but they only use temporary fillers theses days

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