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Help Please Read. Acne/scars/red/lost Hope

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I have an acne scar, one year old, in the middle of eye bows. Right between my eyes.

I have more but I hate that one.

I also hate my nose one. (one is a nose piercing scar) which would be ok, but I also have 4 acne scars surrounding it.

People ask, Did you pierced my nose 3 times? its horrible.

how this is affecting my life:

- I lost jobs because I cant look at people and ashamed to have them look at me

- I believe I am developing some sort of agoraphobia due to my skin.

- I hate my reflection. even taped garbage bags over mirrors because I cant stand to look at myself.

- I spend all my money. everything I have on my skin. its so consuming. every thought of every day revolves around it.

- how i eat, how i sleep, how i spend my money, how i dress (hats and glasses) its consuming my life.

- I don't want to give up hope as the mere thought makes me suicidal. (im sure someone understands)

- I feel unattractive, undesirable, and no one will ever want me.

- i am seeking counselling for these problems, and she said, " You will never be happy till you accept yourself"

- I dont think I can do that and I feel rather suicidal

So what I am asking for is advice. Has anyone had success with ACNE SCARS? If so please share.

I will greatly appreciate it.

Things I've tried:

TCA cross - 6 treatments so far


chemical peels with salicylic acid

tetracycline (antibiotic)



every OTC product you can name

Glycolic acid

retinal - A

Holistic - pro biotic and just started Vit C serum





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if mine were only that bad id hold my head with confidence. do you cover them with makeup? have u tried dermarolling? have any of the treatments you have made them any worse?

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Those scars are perfect candidates for TCA CROSS, you can even do it yourself if you have a steady hand.

4-6 rounds of 100% TCA spaced 8 weeks apart should see them filled in nicely.

EDIT: didnt see you'd already tried this.

What percentage TCA did you use? Are you a smoker? Did you do anything to optimize collagenesis?

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Your skin looks amazing compared to mine. It's not noticeable unless someone stares really hard at your face. If you feel sad, just relax and have a big cup of hot rooibos or spearmint tea, which is great for your skin. Best of luck! Don't lose hope.

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Is your acne hormonal? I have the same problem areas. I use vitamin C serum. And currently started juicing.

My regime is simple, but I know my breakouts have to do w diet/hormones. Esp when that time of the month.

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Just so you know you're not alone in how you feel.

I have severe scarring on both my temples and forehead. I don't leave the house without wearing a hat and glasses. I've undergone a lot of different treatments and spent a lot of money - despite having a little improvement it hasn't helped the anxiety in any way.

I can totally relate to everything you have said regarding the serious affect it's having on your life.

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mam listen and listen clear .. those are not at all scars leo di caprio has bigger scar than urs ... and u have like very mild acne may be because of monthy things or any other reason ,, just keep drinking lots of water dont touch ur face wash max 2 times morning and night .. and if u want u can drink some blood purifier or if u really want to do some alopathy medicine ask ur doc to prescribe low dose accutane 10 -20 mg .. and just dont take tension if u have seen my scars every day i think of dying but i have to support my family :,(

and wait just wait its the only thing u can do :|

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