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I used to have severe acne from grade 6 to 8. During those times I was bullied severely and I heard all the names you can think of with acne. I'm feeling depressed right now.. not looking to end my life or anything, I feel like nobody understands my issue, I just talked about my problem about acne with my parents and they just screamed at me and called me stupid. I have no support and I'm deeply hurt. I also have a lot of scars on my face now at the age of 19 from all the severe acne.. can someone please give me some support?

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I think we share similar acne stories I had acne since I was 13 (I'm 16 now) and it never really bothered me until I had a really bad outbreak at 15. I became severely depressed (I still am) and lost interest in everything I used to enjoy. To be honest I don't really have acne now just scars, but I still feel really traumatized because the scars only remind me of that horrible time.

When I want to talk to my parents about how I feel they also don't take me seriously and think I'm crazy. They tell that what happened to me is my own fault and that I didn't take care of myself etc. etc.

It's hard, I know and honestly I don't really know what to say to help you feel better because I'm struggling with this same problem myself and I have no idea what to do anymore.

Just know you're not alone and maybe try to surround yourself with people who do care. I still struggle with the trauma I have but sometimes when I'm not at home with the people who bring me down I feel a little better.

I don't know if I'll ever gain my self-confidence back but I guess I still have to pull through life one way or another because my life might not be so great now but maybe things will be different later in the future when I leave this unhealthy environment and find better people to spend my life with.

Take care. It means a lot that you share your thoughts.

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My parents too had always criticized me when I was fussing over my face. It seems that only those who have suffered with acne (or something of the sort) themselves can understand how it feels, and how badly it can crush your confidence. Even when you're acne clear the fear of having a breakout still lingers, not the mention the scars and hyperpigmentation. I wish people would realize acne isn't just a passing annoyance like a rash or mosquito bite. Nor that its something that comes from being unhygienic. It's really not your fault for being affected by your acne. Anyone who tells you its your fault for caring what other people think probably has never had to "put their worst face forward" to the world. You shouldn't have to feel like you need to be perfect, but I know it's not easy to disregard your insecurities in a society that cares so much about physical appearances.

You should try and find a fellow acne/skin sufferer, I'm sure they'll understand you. You could also talk to the people here on acne.org too, or if you like I don't mind communicating outside of the forums.

Wishing you the best!

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i have pretty mild acne, and sometimes i'd say it's a mix of very mild acne and moderate, since I pretty much always have a clear face, except that one medium sized zit.

ive had acne since 8th grade (in denmark). It was near the temples and it was moderate severe-ish. I was never bullied. Barely anyone ever commented it.

I wasn't very outgoing back then, and I wasn't as popular as I am now, so I didn't care about the acne at all. But as time passed, I grew out of my ugly duckling stage and became a handsome young man. My acne got better but started to target my lower face - around the chin and jaw. For a time it was moderate, but I soon stopped dairy and started exercising a lot. I limited sugar intake etc. and just felt hopeless. As time passed it got slightly better, but not enough - so I decided to go to my doctor. I got pescribed something called adapalene and took it for about a month and a half. The first two weeks didn't really help much, but after some time my acne improved lots, even moreso when I stopped using it and went back to just washing my face with a soapless cleanser.

And here I am. Driven insane by one or two pimples, located at the worst possible place and the fact that I always get them right before an event. But I'm one of the luckier unluckies. I understand what it's like, and no matter the severeity of acne, it takes it's toll on you.

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