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Hey Guys,

Veteran member here. Ive been battling acne since I was a teen, cant remember how young now. I've had 2 courses of accutane and tried numerous topicals. Around 26-27 yrs of age, my acne became very mild and manageable. I've just had my first child, and my skin has steadily gone downhill since giving birth.

I am 11 months post-partum and my skin looks the worst it ever has. Over the last 6 months i have tried proactiv, PC BHA 2%, PC BHA 4%, (no BP as this is too damaging to my skin).

Im frustrated as F right now! A while back i received a sample of PC 1% retinol with an order and it was just hanging out in my bathroom drawer. So last night i decided, why not give this sucker a try.

Here is my current regimen starting last night:


Wash with cerave hydrating cleanser

Tone with PC Skin Balancing Pore Reducing Toner

Mositurize with cerave AM lotion


Wash with cerave hydrating cleanser

Tone with PC Skin Balancing Pore Reducing Toner

Apply 1 pump (pea size) PC Retinol 1% Buffered with Cerave PM lotion

I'll let you guys know how this is working out. I want to get an Rx for Retin-A but am out of town so will have to wait until next week.

If you guys have any experience using this product or have any advice for making it through please let me know.

Right now i have 3 active pustules, too many PIH marks to count (entire face covered), and really rough gross texture that makeup cant hide.

Wish me luck peeps! Ive missed you all!

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Hey all, just an update..

I used the PC retinol for the last 6 nights and I didn't experience and adverse effects.... Not even one flake... But I also haven't seen any real results.... New spots are cropping up and lingering, not coming to a head, etc.

I went to my doc today and got an Rx for Retin-A 0.05%.

Just washed my face and applied it buffered with cerave lotion... I will be starting a retin A log.

Bottom Line: PC retinol did nothing for my type of acne.

Have a good night!

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Hi Gagan,

I am 30 year old female with severe-moderate cystic acne. I am suffering from acne from last 10 years and it is so embarrassing to have severe acne at this age, specially when you have a kid with you. I took accutane course in 2011 and was clear for 1.5 years and then started to get acne in 2013, after 2014 my acne became mild as I was pregnant, my acne was pretty mild till my daughter turned 2 years and from last 1-2 years my acne is more of moderate to severe. I am thinking to take accutane again but I am afraid that I will relapse again. What do you suggest on this? I live in Toronto, which derm you suggest is good particularly in Acne? How much is the monthly cost for accutane? Thanks

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