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When Would I See An Aha Purge / Breakout?

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I've been thinking about incorporating AHA into my regimen now as my skin is mostly clear with mostly under the skin bumps, scars, and clogged pores that I need to get rid of. I have an event coming up next week though and don't want to start incorporating it if the risk for a break out is big (but I would also like smoother skin by then). To those that broke out or experienced purging from AHA, how many uses did it take before this started happening and how long did they last? I tried AHA a couple of nights ago on one quarter of my face and have experienced no breakouts from that. Does that mean it is likely that I won't experience a break out on the rest of my face or is it just yet to come?

Also, is there anyone who DIDN'T experience an initial purging phase? I was lucky in that I didn't have a particularly bad purging phase when starting the regimen, nor did I breakout when introducing jojoba oil, so I'm hoping that I continue my streak of good luck and get continued success through out every step of the regimen.

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When I first started using AHA I mixed half and half with my moisturiser and used it every other day the first week, before slowly upping the dosage. In the first week it seemed okay, but by the second week there was definitely an initial break out that wasn't very pretty. I'd also add, however, I can't even use jojoba oil because it seems to break me out and also make my skin seem more yellow, so maybe we have completely different skin types. I tend to purge with any new product though.

Hopefully you won't! Personally I would wait until after the big event, just in case. Good luck :)

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