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This is my first post ever on this forum thought it would be a good idea to maybe find others going through what I'm going through and see what's been working for them I guess. I've had acne since 2005 when I was in 5th grade. Back then no one had explained to me about skin care or that touching your face constantly and popping zits was really really bad. I was too young to use the computer (back when dial up was a thing). When I got into middle and high school my acne wasn't as bad as it was but it was still bad. I think that's where I developed my sever social anxiety. I always thought it was unfair that I who washed their face regularly had worse skin than those who never showered. So now at the age of 20 I've used all the over the counter stuff and I've used some medication from the doctor but nothing has helped. I feel like it's gonna be on my face forever and that just makes trying to get over this constant anxiety even harder. I've herd of things like acutane and stuff like that but I dunno. If there is anyone at all out there with advice for me I would be so so so thankful.

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You can start reading the posts on the forums,maybe you can find some that can relate to your type of skin.

We can give you suggestions only , but you don't necessarily have to use what we recommend.

Why the prescription from the dermatologist didn't work , maybe you can try seeing another dermatologist.

I know it's frustrating dealing with acne,but sometimes it's not only the skin treatments that can affect the way we treat our skin, but also our hormones play a big role.

What have you used ? Over the counter or prescription.

What type of skin do you have ? Oily ,combination,dry .

Take care.

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hey, kitkatebarr. What was your diet like when you were little? Judging by your user, it sounds very crappy like mine was. I think my diet caused leaky gut, which caused my acne. I'm mostly clear now, except when I eat something that constipates me or tears up my gut. And this stupid acne scar on my nose that looks like a pimple. Don't pick acne on your nose. Acne is usually a sign that something is wrong.

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