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Please Help! Huge Cystic Breakout And I Don't Know What To Do!

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Well, my triumphant return to Acne.org is marked by cysts all over my forehead. I usually don't get cystic acne, but whenever I do it's always a huge breakout that lasts forever. Currently I have 2 huge cysts that are ready to look like hell tomorrow (as well as scabs from healing cysts), and on top of that I have been postponing a date because of this! I cannot keep this up it is killing me. I don't know what to do about these awful spots on my face.

Please, Acne.org, what can I do to help this problem?? I have been trying Yes Tomatoes Skin Mask on my spots at night to try to dry them up but it doesn't seem to help. Maybe BP might help. Nothing I do works. Literally. I am at my wit's end.

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Effaclar duo [+] - La roche-posay is the quickest solution to any break-out, It's much better than BP without all those side effects (it doesn't give you irritation, at least for me). Hope it helps.

Anyway this isn't a miracle it's just an emergency option.

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I so know how you feel Im in my forties and In sales I started getting cystic pimples in my 20's Ive tried everything from over the counter to pills and super expensive crap even home remedies nothing ever stopped it from coming monthly so I pretty much gave up so now I remove my make up with extra virgin olive oil, lemon witchatzel toner. And emu oil to moisturize treat my self once a month to a chemical peel or microdermabrasion I don't have acne I have combo skin oily t zone but I do get nasty cyst and when I feel that sucker forming I call my Dr.(peimary care)lucky hes kind enough to squeeze me in same day And he gives me a steroid shot in that pest and gone in a day so(the areas that he can't treat or if on vacation he calls in antibiotics and steriods for swelling. I am a picker and scarring is far more worse so find a good docter believe it or not very inexpensive before I had insurance I found a licensed esthecian that performed the shots and she charged me $20 for a visit she worked in my building witch was convient to drop in during my lunch hour primary care Dr is coverwd qhich dermatologist you pay more I hope this helps you I foung it to be less stressful to wait it out or hide lol

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