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When Should I Give Up On A Retinoid?

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I've been a member here since 2011 and since the beginning of my hellish journey, i have been on many combinations of oral and topical medications, the most useful being The Regimen.

I am currently on differin and aczone as well supplementing under the guidance of a qualified naturopath. My question is this, i started my fourth month of my topical regimen and I am experiencing one of the worst breakouts to date on my face. At what point do i say to heck with it and try another topical. Some people say 6 months is worth the wait while others say if you're not clear by the 3rd month then move on. I have noticed improvement since starting but it is never consistent, hence, my current extended breakout fest.

Any advice/viewpoint/input would be appreciated.

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What's your next step if you do quit? I've just quit tretinoin after 4 and a half months. It didn't keep me completely clear so I'm going back to the regimen. I know some people say 6 months but I couldn't see it happening for me. I kept breaking out on my forehead which is usually an easy place to keep clear with BP.

I can't work my acne out. When I was on my third course of Accutane, the main place I broke out was along my jawline. Whilst using the retin a post my course I didn't break out there at all, it was my forehead and occasionally cheeks.

I really wanted a retinoid to work and I'm not thrilled about being back on the regimen, but the fact is it just works better than most things.

I know you had to stop your last course of tane, is low dose an option to minimise the side effects.

Good luck, I know you've been through a long journey.

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Thanks JJ. My next step is to work my way up the retinoids ladder so retin a would be the logical next step. The regimen gave me eczema and I developed a sensitivity to bp so that's out. Another accutane course would be unsafe for my body at this time so in terms of meds, spiro would be the absolute last resort.....

I still have till the end of June to decide so......

Good luck with the regimen

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