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Adapalene+Lysozyme+Medocycline+Cod Liver Oil+Wash With Water

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Here''s my old post and background information if you're interested.


My regimen:

Wash with water only, freely

Adapalene 0.1% every night before bad

Lysozyme 30mg x1 every morning and night

Medocycline 250 mg x2 every morning and night

Cod liver oil at least 1800 iu of Vitamin A(Retinol) per day


I started using this regimen since Day1 14/4/2015.

Acne wasn't inflamed, but mostly non-inflamed bumps.


Attached photo taken on Day 4 17/4/2015

Sorry if the pictures attached is not clear, but you should see there's bumps under my skin, and many tiny spots on my cheeks. Some of the inflamed acne was those clogged pores few days ago.



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Still updating

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Day 12 25/4/2015

I haven't experience any side effects except flakiness up to this moment

I ate many junk food, chocolate, drink coke, soya milk, late sleep, not much sports and didn't avoid sun.

Feels awesome. :cool:



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Hello everyone : D

though no one reply to my post, i'm still updating it for anyones reference.

Since last time of update, I haven't took the pills nor Cod Liver Oil on schedule.

But I do wash with water only, and use Adapalene gel almost every night. (skipped 1 or 2 days becoz it ran out)

I first use doctors' adapalene gel cream with no brand name on it.

After it ran out I bought Differin to replace it.

I didn't received any side effects by switching the gel (brand?) no redness, no itching, no skin shedding.

I takes zinc, cod liver oil whenever I wanted...(can not take it at all)

I drinks Coke, eat chocolate, ice-cream, sleep sometimes late, eat many junk food. (anytime)

I tanned quite a lot, but it doesn't matters. (I still use differin on my burnt face)

My advice to everyone is that:

1.Stay happy, at least not too worried.

2.Remember It will definitely turned real bad at first, but now you see me. : )

3.Foods doesn't really matter as long as your skin acts in a good cycle. (with adapalene)

4.Do not take a close look to yourself in the mirror. (Important, becoz your skin is no good, It will just be even worse if you look it closely.)

5.Do not squeeze. Even if it's seems like it will not heal up by itself.(Trust me, any kind of acne WILL heal itself in most cases.) Just do not touch it, it will heal in weeks or eventually, it just needed more TIME. Squeezing at anytime will only make it worse.

Special tips for guys:

Don't masturbate too much

I still have a way to go, but finally my face has got normal. : D Or even better than before!

I'm sooooooo glad that I've tried Adapalene, I hate but I have to say this is the only thing that really works.

Attached pictures is my current progress at 12/08/2015 : D



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Still updating! I've had quit using differin for two weeks, and i got bumps on my face again since then. I would say differin is a treatment for top layer of the skin issue, because i found out that those bumps were where my bumps was before I've tried differin.   So I decided to switch to Epiduo / BP + differin, and I'm ready for inital breakout.  As now i thought it's the only way to clear your pores apart from clear the "acne" on the surface. BP has better penetration level and more drying effects on the skin, so the skin will be shedding away faster, penetrate deeper.  Before i started differin I've tried using Epiduo, but i brokeout right away, so i put it aside and tried differin, maybe thats a wrong decision...

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Still updating! Since last post i have not been using any product, my face still congested.  Some of the clogged pores became inflamed by squeezing and picking, then scarred.

I decided to start a new approach today:


Wash with water.

Apply Dans BP in the morning on affected areas.


Wash with water.

Apply Differin before bed.


i'm somehow worried about using BP, because i once reacted to it quite bad.

But now, I do think that those clogged pores was caused by applying Differin on burnt skin, or bacteria infected.  Or the switch between doctors adapalene and Differin was not as fluent as I thought. (Ignore my last post, it was being emotional.)

Let's hope it all goes well, because I have an important appointment to make next week, i know i shouldn't expect good result in a week, but, you know...

Anyways, it reminds me that I should have started to treat it way sooner!

Be brave.


Also, this time, when I got pretty much cleared, I will stop using products!

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Oh my Gosh, another year. *sign*
I looked so good back then.  I gave up.  I am now determine to use Differin along with Azelaic again.
I must be clear within this year!
My current condition are terrible.  I hate acne. enlarged pores on both sides already.  I took the photo, not ready to show them just yet.

I HATE ACNE! I would go drink coke, coffee and beer, who cares!

Today is the first day again.

15/3/2017, God damn it it's 2017 already.
26/3/2017, Ten days in!  Some clogged pores became or some becoming pimples.  Flaky, using cetaphil moisturizer to go to work. (Didn't put Azelaic acid on my face, because it's too irritate for my skin and troublesome at work.)

Azelaic acid in the morning,
Differin at night.
Wash with water and towel.

God bless me even I don't believe in you.

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