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Okay, so I used to check out this site all the time, desperately looking for something to help. I found the cure to my acne, it took almost 10 years but I found it. I feel like I owe it to this site to post it for the rest of you, maybe this will help someone.

A little background, I'm female in my early 20s. I had absolutely terrible skin as a teenager, went on birth control and it helped a bit, but my skin never really cleared up. By university I was getting a zit a week or so, pretty big ones but it was totally manageable.

I went off birth control a couple years ago for health reasons and my skin had been a nightmare ever since. I had scarring for the first time ever, I actually cut my hair to cover my forehead, it was horrendous, I was so embarrassed.

Anyways, around the same time I was having other issues and took a food intolerance test at Rexall, its called hemocode I believe. I had a list of about 6 severe intolerances, including coffee, sugar, cocoa, and a couple more I can't remember, plus a bunch of minor intolerances. I cut out gluten, and it did wonders for my other health issues. Coffee was easy to remove, I cut out all processed sugars, replacing them with fruits. I felt better, but my skin actually got worse.

About a year later I discovered my love for dried fruits, and my skin became worse than it had ever been. I was so devastated I figured it was probably time to go back on the pill, but I had one last idea. Maybe the sugar on my test wasn't limited to cane sugar, honey and syrups. I cut out all fruit, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, squash, anything with any sugar in it at all. Almost instantly, my skin cleared up. That was it.

So my best advice for all of you isn't to cut out all sugar... this is a really difficult diet and I don't recommend it to anyone that doesn't have to. My advice is to take the intolerance test, and eliminate from there, testing out one or two at a time. My skin has entirely cleared up, my scarring is healing, I am so, so happy and excited about this. Hope this can help someone out there with the same problem.

For the record, the only fruits I can eat are grapefruit, lemons, limes, and thats it. I can eat all vegetables excluding tomatoes, winter squash, sweet potatoes, and limit carrots.

Good luck :)

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