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Green Led Therapy For Melasma/blue, Blue/red Led For Acne

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Just ordered a green handheld led light from led man.

I wondered if anyone else in here suffering sun damage/melasma has done this treatment?

I went with led man for this purchase because the green panels in the right nanometers were too hard to find.

After emailing back and forth, he was actually kind enough to link me to a Monday special so I could get ten bucks off. So, he was actually great to deal with.

If anybody in here has done green light therapy, I would love to hear their experiences with it.

I am unsure how long I need to be under the light per session for melasma treatment?

Also, I ordered one blue led panel and one blue/red combo panel, they are plant lights in the same nanometer range as the expensive big name ones...

I am excited about these purchases and wanted to encourage discussion.

If anyone has any questions about buying led panels on their own, generic, I will be happy to help you with information on how/what to search. I feel acne sufferers get fleeced to often.

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Well, I have received all my lights, started treatment. It will take weeks to determine the effects.

However, I have also bought cold pressed, organic hemp seed oil, and have already attained positive results. As a moisturizer, it really seems to calm the output of oil on my face.

There have been a few posts in here about it, and I read in other places online about it's positive affects on the skin.

I went through 8hrs of job training the other day, only needed topical powder twice. Versus the usual four to six applications typically needed that I never have time for. Resulting in a less cakey more natural feel and appearance.

I have also picked up citric acid powder and ascorbic acid powder, applied last night, mixed with a few drops of the hemp seed oil. It was definitely a a bit grainy. I was concerned about potential burning as I did experience minor iritation. But, I awoke okay today. I believe that the hemp seed oil may have worked out well in this respect also, protecting the skin while acting as a carrier at the same time.

This should have a skin brightening affect while I treat the melasma with the green light.

I wanted to do this, because I have read the green light will darken the melasma initially before breaking it up and slowing further production of melanin in the skin.

Will keep updating. In the hopes I may be able to help others. Thanks for reading!

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i realize your post is years old but maybe you are still on this board. Did the LED therapy resolve your melasma? I am in a similar situation, melasma on both cheeks and would live to know if green LED can give me a solution for my melasma.

please, let me know!



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