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What's Wrong With My Routine?

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Hi folks,

First or second time poster here, longtime lurker.

I've been following a routine that I have hoped would work for several months now, but the inflammatory acne on the sides of my face still has not cleared up. I'm hoping someone here might be able to either offer some peace of mind or perhaps some insight on what the problem(s) could be.

I wash my face once or twice a day -- sometimes only once if I haven't put on any makeup that day.

I use Differin (generic adapalene) at night almost every night of the week. I was using RetinA Micro, but I switched to Differin in hopes that it would be milder.

It has been milder, but I've recently reintroduced benzoyl peroxide 5% into my routine about once a day, which has resulted in increased irritation. I also use Aziderm, a generic azaleic acid cream once or twice a day.

I realize I am using a lot of products now, and this has increased my irritation somewhat -- I mostly blame the BP.

However, I'm using the BP because I don't trust the Differin to help this inflammatory acne on the sides of my face. In fact, I'm wondering if it's making it worse.

Has anyone else experienced an awful, never-ending initial breakout from Differin?

I don't want to quit now, but the combination of irritation (from the BP) and terrible breakouts on the sides of my face (the reason I need the BP) is getting to be too much to bear!

I try to change my pillowcases weekly, and I only talk on my phone with a headset.

Does anyone else have any insight into why this inflammatory acne on the sides of my face won't go away?

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I would use BP 2.5%. Studies show that 2.5% works equally to 10%, the only difference is that the higher concentrations irritate the skin more.

I would reccomend you start washing your face twice a day, every day. There is a lot of dirt and oil on our faces throughout the day and if you don't wash it off before bed, it will cause acne.

Another possible reason your still breaking out on your cheeks is because your pillow case has some oil and bactiria from the night before. I would start changing the pillow cases more often, if you don't have patients you can just cover the top of the pillow with a clean hand towel. That's what I do.

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Have you tried taking antibiotics ? I know alot of skeptical about that.

But acne is an inflammatory disorder. You need antibiotics to get rid of current inflammatory acne. Once the condition stabilized you can stop taking it.

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