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Tretinoin 16 Weeks But Stopped Antibiotic!

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I have been using tretinoin 0.1% for 16 weeks now and I see little to no improvement. In fact in the past 2 weeks I have seen an increase in large, painful cysts. I was initially prescribed tretinoin with 100 mg of minocycline a day. But my last visit about a month and a half ago my derm told me to stop the antibiotic. So I feel like my progress with tret was lost and its like I need to start the clock again from that point on. Also, I did not realize I was supposed to wait 20-30 minutes after washing to apply so I may not have been getting the full affect this entire time! My acne is on the side of my cheeks and my jaw line. Its weird because my skin FEELS smooth but it does not look it at all. My chin feels great but it looks bumpy. Tret cleared my chest brilliantly. Would you stick it out?

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Yes, stick with it and try to wait at least 30 min after washing your face before you apply the cream. And see if cutting back to every other night helps too. And make sure you really use no more than a pea size for your entire face. Sometimes less is more :)

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Thanks! I actually talked to the derm and she says my skin seems to be adapting to the tretinoin. It should've worked by now. So I'm back on Tazorac gel 0.1%. I never got the flaky dry peeling affect from tret because I'm so oily so she thinks the gel won't be too harsh. I've got an appointment to see about Accutane in a few weeks so we'll see.

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