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Will My Marks Heal By Summer?

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Although not as severe as a lot of people on here my marks are really starting to affect me to the point where how good my day is depends on when I look in the mirror in the morning, I've been breaking out for years and finally stopped about a month and a half ago. I just feel like they are extremely noticeable especially under certain lights. Will they fade by summer? Btw my phones camera fades them a bit but when I see a reflection In public they are bright pink and cover my face.



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hi mate, unfortunately im similar to you with the red marks, although im still fighting a few pimples i get with the regimen. unfortunately i highly doubt they'll be gone by summer, and will likley get darker before going. i've had red marks for a long time and unfortunately time is the best healer. some products can help, the glycloic acid from the website does help a little bit i think but not hugely. i know its really hard to cope with and i struggle through a lot of the days for the same reason. let me know how it goes for you.

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Not by the summer, I'd say naturally it'll take 8 months to a year.

Here's my advice. One or two light TCA peels 8 weeks apart if you're willing to go the peel route. 8-12%. I wouldn't touch daily exfoliating topical creams long term because they can, rarely but possibly, cause atrophic scaring and also more commonly "orange peel" textured skin. So that includes aha and retinoids. They work like a miracle for some, but there's that minor 5% risk factor you should be aware of. Other lighter peels seem to have the same risk, basically any glycolic acid products run the skin texture, minor scarring issue. TCA, by the books, has it's risks and you'd need to research like crazy or go to a professional ideally. I've just, in my personally experience, heard the least amount of bad experiences from light tca peels. I am absolutely not an expert though. This is all if you want to explore peels, which isn't for everyone.

Otherwise, be kind to your skin, gentle products. Nice natural masks help, vegetable masks, oatmeal. Potatoes are kickass for hyperpigmentation. Moisturize, keep your skin hydrated. Keep hydrated yourself. Vitamin c helps the skin's process of growth and healing, so consider taking that as a vitamin. I also have used hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally occurring acid in your skin, and it faded a large hyperpigmentation spot I had for a while. This will fade naturally, no matter what. I'm personally not patient though, so I took the risks and went with TCA peels.

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