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So I just wanted to share this with you guys on how my progress has be going with tazorac. This will be my 6th week into tazorac and I've already seen a lot of improvement. My skin does break out sometimes still because of tazorac but after that breakout is cleared my face looks way better.

My skins red marks are fading and I don't get as much whiteheads as before, and when I do get whiteheads they're very small. So I use tazorac every night. Right after I shower I put lotion on my face which is eucerin daily moisturizer , which I bought at the derm. It contains natural oatmeal and rich moisturizers , and it was made to relieve itching and sooth skin , so I think it's it perfect for anyone that is planing to go on tazorac (since it does make you're skin itch) or anyone with acne. So after I put on my lotion , I wait about 20 minutes after , then I put tazorac on then sleep. I wake up in the morning , shower then put lotion on again , then head on with my day. And it repeats everynight.

So I don't have a lot of pics before tazorac since I never really was planing to share or post about it


1) Here's my forehead before taz with a lot of dark marks


2) my forehead in the 6th week . No dark marks just some small pimples . And 1 tiny whitehead


Here's my right cheek during taz

and my cheeks have cleared the most since they take the most Damage from acne.i barely break out on my anymore. And I didnt have any pics of my left cheek before taz, but the result are the same as the right.

My right cheek before taz is my profile pic so you can see that.

I'm excited for the 12th week of taz , I hope the results are great because I'm only halfway through taz

And the results right now are great.

So I'll keep you guys updated every week

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