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Hi, this is my first week using the regime, just wondering how many people use makeup while on it? Did it irritate your skin putting makeup on while on the regime?

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Nope, didn't irritate my skin at all, it really does accentuate any flakiness you may have going on from the BP though sadly so for me it's pretty essential that I exfoliate my skin well as I wear makeup whenever I go out, I've been using the AHA+ mixed in with moisturizer half, half for this every night and it's going well for me. Like the BP you really have to start off slow with the AHA though so I started off with a lot less of it initially.

Oh and actually I do remember resorting to using Revlon Colorstay (the liquid stuff) one day when I ran out of the whipped version of it that I usually use and it did sting a bit... not very pleasant, think it's because of the higher alcohol content in it so I guess you just want to be careful and avoid wearing any foundations that are overly drying, can be a little bit tricky finding what works for you though if you're like me and have oily skin to begin with :/.

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Well I use BP under my make up everyday when I go to work. It's ok.

I use a mosturizing SPF 30 first on my bare skin (after facewash)

Then dab Dan's BP over active spots

Wait for that to dry - 10 minutes - a bit sticky though

Then put concealer over the spots

Then apply my foundation powder over

So far, it doesn't cause any problems.

All the best!

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this is my second week on the regimen and I wear makeup everyday I'm a nurse and I have to cover up the spots lol I do the regimen then after the moisturizer I wait 10 minutes and apply a primer which will help my foundation not sit on my actual skin I also make sure that I don't leave my makeup on all day that will also help as well be careful to also look at the ingredients of the makeup that you're wearing it can be causing the acne that you have

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