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Salah Mahmoud

Acne Is Our Common Issue

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If you are an ACNE suffurer, then you need to know that this skin issue is one of the most stubborn skin desease you may face.

My advice for you is to follow someone's advices exactly like your doctor. You must know that, one wrong step you do it, you'll find your face filled with those ugly scars in a worse form.

In my opinion; the only way to get rid of acne scars fast and forever is to understand three major things:

- You must know your SKIN type.

- You must know your desease proberties.

- You must know your very own cure.

You should know that the cure that has worked for you, will not nesseccerly work for me.



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Get clear !!

I've struggled with persistent cystic acne for 13 years. I am finally crystal clear (I get a small breakout if I stray away from my regimen or eat the wrong things but whatever sometimes you need junk food!) now I'm no expert, but I do know what it's like to cry when you see your face without makeup If this is you, read on!

Now, after visiting the dermatologist many many times, I've had some short-lived success. The only thing that has given me consistent success is changing what I put into my body. Ever feel like you are taking amazing care of your skin and still breaking out? That's because our skin is a direct reflection of our health-acne is a symptom of a bigger problem: lack of nutrition!

Many people have food intolerances and don't know it. So we eat the same things day in and day out and our body tries to eliminate them (via our skin for some people like me and you). Some common triggers: dairy, gluten, processed sugar (me), corn (me). By eliminating corn and corn products-read labels!! And lowering sugar intake while adding whole food nutrition via my diet and juice plus capsules (life saver! Also helped with weight loss for me)...I am totally clear and confident. Check my profile for before/after pictures.


Eliminate corn products in diet

Reduce sugar in diet

Take juice plus capsules

Eat mostly non processed foods


Am: wash with cera ve sensitive skin wash

Moisturize with Jergens for face spf 15

Almay clear complexion makeup

Mac bronzing powder

Pm: wash with cera be sensitive skin wash

Moisturize with neutrogena oil free

Treat with acne.org treatment (3 times a week)

I've done the regimen without the diet change. Helped but did not keep the giant, under the skin cysts from forming! Hit me up for any questions you have

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Have you considered a Mediator Release Test? I've cleared my acne by avoiding problem foods, too. But my aim is to heal, and cure my acne. So once I'm healed, I'll be able to handle those problem foods again without worry of a breakout.

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I think I know what you are talking about yes. I'm sure at some point once I get healthy I can add those trigger food back into my diet. I got a nutrition response test as well. Is that similar to what you mentioned?

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You got it?!?! Oh my gosh. How did it work for you? And who gave you a nutrition test? How crucial was it to clearing your acne? Did you order it from Florida? I may visit your page to look at your topics.


I looked at your page. You say you have before and after pictures but I don't see any. No biggie, though.

Edited by Melloman

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