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Not entirely sure which category I fall under but it's probably moderate-severe. Had acne for 3-4 years now, been on over-the-counter treatments and for the last few years on BP, erthymorycin/zinc acetate solution from my GP. Finally given in to going on roaccutane, and I've got an appointment sorted with a dermatologist in about 5 weeks, hopefully I'll finally be able to make some progress.

For a long time I've been on the erthymorycin solution and using the Neutrogena green pump face wash and clean and clear oil free moisturiser all twice I day. I think I have quite oily skin. Been reading a lot recently about this products actually making your acne worse and that more natural solutions are better. I tried the caveman regimen for a couple of weeks and broke out in several whiteheads so that wasn't great and I've started using cleansing milk instead? But I have no idea how that's going to work.

I'm just looking for something that will help me control/reduce my acne before I see my dermatologist? Extremely keen to get rid of it, as I assume most of you are.

Thanks in advance, any advice is helpful

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Personally I would not try to alter the condition of your skin before you go so that your dermatologist gets to see exactly what's going on.

With regards to moisturiser, I personally wouldn't use the Clean and Clear product -too chemical-ly. Also is it the one that has salicylic acid in - that would dry out your skin too much if you're using other topical acne products. Not that I could suggest an alternative I'm afraid. I'm still on the never ending search for a moisturiser myself. Do you actually need a moisturiser? Does the erythromycin/BP really dry out the surface of your skin? So many moisturisers although claiming to be oil free, have pore clogging ingredients in them (see COSDNA or Acne Mantra online tool). They are useful sites to check ingredients but not always fail safe. What clogs one persons pores doesn't necessarily clog anothers.

Did you know that you can go on a lose dose roaccutane? Less side effects/drying. My dermatologist offered me that choice as a last resort but I though I'd try other options first. I'm using Differin which is ok but that combined with winter has really caused surface dehydration (which is why I'm STILL looking for a moisturiser).

What kind of water do you have where you live? I find that hard water makes my skin more oily. I suppose either the tons of chlorine (you can really smell it) or the minerals (in the water) leave a film on the surface of the skin (as you see left on a work surface or steel sink) and irritate the skin. I find my skin is not so oily if I live in a place which has soft water (I used to). I'm currently living in a place that has hard water and it definitely makes my skin oily - washing with it. So I use a water filter for water for washing my face. A real pain but worth the effort.

Don't know if you're male or female. If female, watch what cosmetics you use - again check websites above for ingredients. Whatever you do use on your skin, when buying something, only introduce one item at a time. Use that one item for a month to see if you have any reaction/makes acne worse. Some things cause acne almost immediately, some things take a while.

Hope that's of some help and good luck with the dermatologist.

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