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Acne Rosacea And Folliculitis

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Hello everyone . I've been suffering for years with outbreaks of acne . I've tried every over the counter product going - some are nothing more than sandpaper in my mind .

I've been treating my skin like its been "burnt" - in other words as delicate as possible .

I've also sought professional help.

My G.P has given me just about everything for what he originally called " Shavers Rash" . I wasn't happy and considered the issue of a greater problem .

I took advice from an alternative GP , he diagnosed Rosacea and we discussed in full a routine which also meant antibiotics ( now and again ) to aid the problem .

After many years the medication ceased to have any effect ( oxytetracycline & erythromycin ) .

I'd become so fed up on the issue I sought medical advice to have lazer surgery to remove my beard ( the problem area ) - thus hopefully ceasing the irritation . The specialist advised on my insistance with my GP for a demertologist appointment . Now , I've also suffered with bouts of spots on my scalp too .

Thankfully after putting my foot down my GP referred me to a dermo . They have prescribed Lymecycline ( which seems to be working - but leaving me a little foggy ) for around 3 - 6 months . He has diagnosed Rosacea Acne and Folliculitis on the scalp .

I'm praying this medication and action will work .

Now the reason I'm posting - shaving . I'm still in mind to eventually have the beard eradicted out via lazer - I've suffered too long and personally don't want a beard . I know this will take time for my skin to settle down before any hair removal .

Because of this I've looked into skin cleanliness further in depth to try to attain "settled skin".

I normally use a mild Dettol soap bar ONCE daily to wash my face , then lots of E45 prior to bedtime .

I've learnt of a scrub called Hibiscrub .

Therefore is it ok to use on Rosacea / acne prone skin ?

Is it advisible to use it after shaving ? I normally electric shave every 2 days and wet shave closely only once a week .

Would it be wise to continue with E45 after Hibiscrub even after shaving ?

I do apologise for asking a myriad of questions . I also realise just how hard it is personally to find a balance in maintaining clear skin and just how stressful it is .

I would really appreciate any input on Hibiscrub and its usage .

Thank you .

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I thought I'd post some of my findings on Hibiscrub . I'm more than aware theres people like myself trying every face wash going ....

I used it for the first few times on an unshaven face . It didn't irritate , but left the skin feeling tight afterwards . I used a very , very small amount with lukewarm water .

I then used E45 too .

Yesterday , after wet shaving I used the Hibiscrub again with lukewarm water . The result was a mild burning sensation , so I used a good smearing of E45 to calm the heat down.

Today the spots have returned . I know shaving is the main attribute to my acne . I just wish I could find a routine that allows me a clean shaven face , once a week without causing problems .

So , it seems that if I'm going to shave , then its certainly no facial wash afterwards , just cool water and then E45 to hydrate .

In the mean time I'll use Hibiscrub prior bedtime( on an unshaven chin ) only with loads of E45 too .

I'll post any findings as they progress .

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All seems well using Hibbiscrub - my skins clear for once ...... mind you that could also be on account of the Lymecycline .

at least Hibbiscrub HASNT made the issue any worse.

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