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Dark Red Scars Being Left By Any Sort Of Acne

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Hey guys,

My cheeks suffer alot after acne is extracted as there is usually a dark red/purple hole/scar that is left after it leaves my face. I guess my skin is not recovering properly? It does fade (very slowly) over time but I would like to address the problem with possibly vitamins or cream. I currently am taking vitamin D to help but it does not seem to be doing much. Any suggestions as to what I can do?

I also want to add that the dark red marks are more common on one cheek and specifically 1-2 inches below my eye. Elsewhere there is usually just a small hole that is the color of my skin after a short period.


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I have the exact same problem with my skin after I have had a pimple. My acne came back after i stopped the regimen and now that most of my acne is gone I am left with these brown dots on my cheeks.

I have search the internet on various sites and many people are saying that you can use lemon juice to get rid of it faster. I am going to try lemon juice and come back in a week to share the progress with you. However i remembered that i used benzoyl peroxide before to get rid of it. After I put the benzoyl peroxie on my skin at night for 20 minutes I used to put a little more on the brown dots one to two times and i remember that the progress where going faster or atleast fading away my acne.

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I have also had the same problem before , i had a red circle on my cheek and found it very hard to cover with make up as it was very red.I got an ice cube and rapped it up in tin foil then inside a food bad and that helped it , it was still there but not as red and had reduced in size.I have also heard that lemon juice will help redness ive tried it a couple of times i see an improvment , but not a huge one.Try to leave sudocrem on it over night as apparently it has zinc in which helps the tissue repair.I have senstive skin and find redness it a huge problem , and can leave me feeling very self concoius.Another thing i suggest is drinking the Aleo Vera drinks as it really helped my skin clear up its about 75% clear now.If all as fails try cucumber i tried it and it help and calmed the redness down as it is used in spa's to get rid of puffy eyes.I would also like to hear about anyone that suffers with pimples wit no heads just like a red mark/lump that sometimes hurts , thankyou

I hope this helps :comfort:

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I usually had to deal with the same issue every time my skin broke out (I'd also sometimes just get red markings appear randomly on my face despite never having acne there...). Most of them do fade over a period of time, as quite a few of mine have faded over a few months. There are some natural routes to try such as the lemon juice people have mentioned before. Some people find it really helps lighten the skin and quicken the fading, so it should definitely be worth a try. It's important though to use lemon juice from an actual cut lemon though, as I've heard buying lemon juice in a container doesn't have the same effect. You could also try applying apple cider vinegar topically and drinking it. Both methods are great at lightening and preventing acne as well.

There is also creams/exfoliate products you could try. Jessner peels, AHA creams/skin peels, and BHA creams/skin peels are usually popular when removing hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, and dark marks and are usually recommended by dermatologists. I just recently started using an AHA 12% Glycolic Acid cream souffle to help fade markings as I've heard very promising things for it. I suggest checking some of them out. A lot are available in home kits and on various websites such as Amazon.

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I'm having the same problem! I had a severe bout of pityrosporum fungus and in my haste to get rid of those, I applied mandelic acid - which worked - but it made some massive cystic nodules appeared instead.

These volcanoes eventually subsided into black marks on my face.

To combat that, I bought SKII Whitening Power Spots Specialist serum to put on my face every night. So far I'm super pleased with it! After two nights, the damn spots are fading, you can see it visibly shrinking! If I can measure it, I would!

But the best thing, my overall skin is improving by leaps and bounds since I used this product. My skin is more plump, smoother, less oily and the pores are shrinking. I'm also using Dan's BP to dab on existing spots over it. Works like a charm!

If you have the dough (it is INSANELY EXPENSIVE! UGH), I would strongly suggest to get a bottle. Comes with a hygienic dropper and one bottle can last you a long time!

All the best!

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