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10% Benzoyl Peroxide All Over Face - Preventative?

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I've tried every single topical acne treatment available. I'm on my third week of tetralysal (lymecycline) and haven't noticed any changes.

2.5-5% benzoyl peroxide does seem to help my skin a bit, but I've noticed that, when paired with the cetaphil moisturiser, 10% really helps flatten deep blemishes.

My issue is that I seem to get 5 really painful, deep every spots every three days or so. I only use the 10% as a topical treatment and it DOES work to eliminate the spots once they form.

Could I just apply the 10% to my entire face? It doesn't burn me at all - I've been using numerous topical treatments for about 5 years and my skin is accustomed. Do you think it could stop these blemishes forming at all and possibly give me clear skin?

I can't believe I expected to have clear skin using BP as I have been doing recently... I think I need it all over my face every night to stop spots forming.

Is there any chance that the cetaphil high tolerance moisturiser could reduce the BP's efficacy or stop it working?


ALSO... How do I water down BP to make it less concentrated, and more towards 5%? I made the mistake of buying 3 tubes of 10% and don't want to go and buy 5%, which would probably be better for my whole face on a daily basis (less irritating). If I make a paste with water, would that affect the composition of the product? I guess mixing it in with a moisturiser would change its chemical makeup and stop it working?

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Sounds like you are just spot-treating with 10%. I personally would not recommend 10% for the whole face. Even 5% is way too irritating IMO. But if you are one of the lucky few who experiences no uncomfortable redness or dryness, then hey give it a try, see what happens. If it proves too uncomfortable for all over the face, you'll have your answer.

Personally I'd recommend trying to get your money back on the 3 tubes of 10% and switching to a gentler formula than trying to dilute what you're using. 10% is no better at killing acne bacteria than a much gentler formula. And diluting your BP with a moisturizer would significantly reduce the acne-killing power by allowing inactive ingredients to enter some of your pores ahead of the BP. BP works best when it is applied by itself to freshly washed skin, allowed to absorbed for several minutes, and moisturizer applied over the top of this. This way nothing stands between acne bacteria and the BP, maximizing your results.

Good luck with whatever you decide! :)

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