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What Kind Of Scarring Do I Have?

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Hello everyone! This is my 2nd time posting here so forgive me if I made a mistake in terms of where I am posting.

So I had perfect skin up until I turned 20. I never washed my face or put moisturizer on and I had clear skin that wasn't dry or anything. Then I cut my hair extremely short and I started breaking out.

Then I began using olive oil to clean off my make up and I think that's where it all went down hill.

I'm left with these red marks. They are a huge cluster of bumps on both sides of my cheeks. I am 22 now and they are still there

are they hyperpigmentation or what I recently read: post inflammatory erythema?



Any help at all would be most appreciated. These marks has definitely took a blow at my confidence. I do not wear make up anymore either.

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It just looks like hyperpigmentation to me. Try using some sort of aha on them (glycolic, lactic, mandelic). If you could buy some low strength peels that would probably work best. My facial skin is not very prone to hyperpigmentation, but the skin on my legs is. One I got a horrible rash from shaving and was left with red and purple hyperpigmentation that I thought would never go away. After using lactic acid for a few months it faded, thankfully.

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sucks acne like that ruins your confidence, when rest of your skin looks good. just be glad its not pitted. i think u will be fine within due time though

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I thought pigmentation were dark brown marks not red? At least, that is what I've been reading for quite sometime now.

Hyperpigmentation can be lots of different colors including brown, red, and purple. Different people seem to be prone to different kinds of hyperpigmentation. My hyperpigmentation is always red on my face and purpleish on other parts of my body. I've never had brown hyperpigmentation; I think it's more common in people with darker skin tones than mine (I'm super pale).

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